I have been a software developer at GameChange Solutions for more than 9 months now. I have been an integral part of developing our gamification solutions : Bitnudge. Bitnudge incorporates an activity and behaviour tracking engine, a gamified performance management and planning module and a gamified learning module.

I have been working as a full stack developer, working on the all the development aspects of the product. From ideation to frontend and backend development. I joined this job as a frontend developer hoping to improve my experience on software development and improve my knowledge on gamification. Gamification is an interesting concept that I was attracted to. The concept of applying the elements of game playing to improve productivity and learning fascinated me and I wanted to see it work.

I have worked intensively on a wide array of technology including AngularJs, NodeJs, Cordova and phonegap and at the same time gained a deeper knowledge of gamification and software development. I now look forward to new horizons!